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009 Sound System
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009 Sound System

Born To Be Wasted lyrics

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009 Sound System – Born To Be Wasted lyrics

Oh the beat's gonna bash gonna break it up
This car's goin' fast gonna speed it up
The night's not gonna last so let's keep it up
We were born to be wasted

Oh the rock's not gonna stop so let's rip it up
The beats are gonna drop you can trip em' up
Your mind is on fire but it's not enough
We were born to be wasted

This gun's blowin up it's just a warning shot
This plane's takin' off on a terror run
This night's gonna end like a missile drop
We were born to be wasted

Baby out loud
Knew that it would come to this
Ain't worth livin'
If you can't get your kicks

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Submitted byLikeaBoss


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    We all are going to die, but we could have fun in the process. "the beats are gonna drop, you can trip 'em up" could mean life is the same for everyone, but you can change the way it goes temporarily, and then life returns to the set path. "your mind is on fire, but it's not enough" is being under the influence of something, and it's not quite enough fun.
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    This makes me think that we are born to be used and thrown away whether that be through capitalism, religion, war, drugs or just a fundamental belief of a certain way to live. We are living up to all the other ppls ideals around us and those who came before us and unless you break a cycle of repetition and blind fellowship you are wasting your own ability of destiny. We start at the bottom and through our own choices we can find peace.
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    No body lives forever. Death will come for us all. By natural causes, an accident, murder, or war. -(born to be wasted) the second you are born the clock starts ticking on your life. You can waste your life doing nothing exciting or meaningful. So step on the gas and get a thrill now and then. Have fun before you get old, because no one knows when death will come for them.
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    Listing to this song really is a powerful song, the theory behind all the comments that I have read one stands out the most on you the song is made to make a person listen to it and vibe to it as well. Its just amazing song, and for the longest time I have not heard electronica music for awhile. This is one of the best groups I have hear since then.
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    Oh the beats gonna bash gonna break it up - that the music is no good and the band will break up.
    This cars going fast gonna speed it up- I was speeding and the law is after me and know I'm running.
    The nights not gonna last so lets keep it up - today is almost gone and tomorow might not come.
    Oh the rocks not gonna stop so lets rip it up - maybe thares a comet heading for earth and it needs to be blasted are it will kill us all.
    The beats are gonna drop you can trip em up - a song is going to be bad so add more grateness.
    Your nimd is on fire but its not enough - you have a good idea but it will never work.
    This guns blowing up its hust a warning shot -the war is about to start and leting the other side know thare not backing down.
    The planes takign off on a terror run- just as it says a plane is going to crash and kill someone.
    This nights gonna end like a missile drop- the world about to end.
    Baby out loud - tell me whats on your mind.
    Knew that it would come to this- it was over from the start was all amatter of time.
    Aint worth livin'- some one has gave up on life.
    If you can't get your kicks- not getting the good of life.
    We were born to be wasted-we was born to die, we was born to drink, we can't posibly do every thing in life so its some what wasted.
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