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009 Sound System – Space And Time lyrics

Yeah I remember that space and time
And I remember when you were mine
All the matter was feeling fine

Yeah I remember all with what you do
And all the way it always came through
I guess that's why I always think of you

Oh give me that
Let me change
I take my love
A higher place
The matter of fact
Don't matter why
It's alright

We could be
Only this time
Reaching back
Across the line
You and me
Never asking why
Oh why

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Submitted byLikeaBoss
Corrected bySuperShaun2014


  • b
    Ben Paxton
    I think this is an incredibly sad song and brilliantly written to be very minimal.

    He's talking about love dying. He's remembering how great it was in the beginning, and the line: "All that mattered was synthesized"means that everything was automatic because of their love for each other.

    He remembers when their future died and wishes he could reach back into space and time to get the person he loved back.
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  • u
    This song seems to me to be talking about two lovers' connection. All the feelings of love, all the reactions. It has a calming, relaxed feel, yet exciting as well. Kinda like love. It could in fact have to do with the universe, but 009 Sound System seems to put references in his songs. His songs almost have spiritual feels to them, which leads back to love. Now this is just my thoughts on the song, but I think the beauty the song is you can interprate it however you want. It's just a great song.
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  • u
    Love this song also relaxing and legendary. I also like the music that comes after the lyrics that kind of goes like da. Quick. Yea, and I remember all the space and time. @xbethx there are a small handfull of people who like it even more than you. I live it. I first heard time and space on a video of my idol ronaldinho, and of how he used to be such a great player in an old space and time.
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