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009 Sound System

With A Spirit lyrics

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009 Sound System – With A Spirit lyrics

You can be
Whatever you want
When you're high
Walk slowly
With a spirit by your side
(Oh baby)
Don't fear if you lose your mind
Say how you doin' boy I'm feelin' fine
... When somethin' carries me away... Hey hey hey hey...

Don't think
Just take a ride
I do believe
That Jesus lied
To keep us all so satisfied
With a sale
You should know baby

Don't feel
The thorny nights
Never ask
For holy rites
Don't ya think
That God has died
This time

And don't stop
Takin' these drugs cuz' they
Got you flyin' forgettin' yesterday
Maybe it's crazy but keep gettin' stoned while you can
Baby in the lord's hands

Don't say
You know what's right

Don't take
Those alibis
Don't hate
The other side
When they're right
Sure they are baby

Don't wave
Your flag up high
Don't praise
Your concubines
Did you just
Fall for lies
This time

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    I find it is difficult to discern the writers intent as it has both a clear pro-faith message in the second verse but an ambiguous message in the first. I have a son that had a drug problem who might use the first message to justify his actions. I really enjoy the music and beat. Its a shame the words don't fully capture the beauty in the music. I appreciate all of the views posted and the dialog is very healthy and positive. Thanks!
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    It is a great song and so good it makes me cry. It truely is lendary. It depicts a life with the use of drugs, not because they are good but more to show a relaxed outlook on life and this is key in living a good life. Not to question gods or anyone elses way so long as your happy an "flyin". It is not about actually taking drugs but rather living life well. I will always live this till I die and anyone who hates this song doesn't have a heart or spirit. Life is great, live it well my friends.
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    At first glance, I thought this was an anti-spirit song because it said "God has died". I don't think that's what he meant. Maybe it was, but to me it was not. I think it means that the God of holy rites has died, replaced by one who values the raised and the full of spirit. I think it is about letting go with the connections and ties to the world, letting go of the mind, and becoming the spirit Christ told of. I love this song. Long live the spirit and long live with a spirit.
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    It can be faith, it can be gettin high, or both. I know alot of spiritualist who basically see the world and everything it encompasses as one. It don; t matter what religion, what sexuality, whatever you are, it don; t matter to them, I know some spiritual thinkers smoke here and there, and for them it's a good way to get into their deep thoughts about life. I'm catholic, but I like being open minded and balanced. It seems very true that for many spiritual people, smoking something can be good, of course they don; t over exaggerate, but I can agree that for them, getting high can be one of the ways to get in touch with your spiritual self, and their faith, for them it"s all good. And I really like that view.
    Of course doesn; t mean taht for everyone you gotta smoke, but for many of them, it's just another way of getting in touch with themselves and the world. The natives did the same thing.
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    It's amazing how people try to turn a negative into a positive because they enjoy the music that the words are set to. There's just enough ambiguity to allow people to form their own interpretation, but if you think about the message, it's actually messed up; unless you're in favor of drug use and opposed to a belief in jesus as the christ of god. But hey, you've been warned. Too bad the song sounds great until you listen to the words.
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