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TeddyLoid – ME!ME!ME! (English Translation) lyrics
Always, Always
We were always together, weren’t we?
Always, Always
I was always thinking of you
You also felt this way, you were the same
These feelings of ours consumed everything
Back then, back then
I was willing to keep on living

You said that I reflected the true ‘you’
You, filled with sadness, filled with hatred
began idolizing me

This 'idol’ you praise isn’t me - she doesn’t exist
But back then, she was convenient for you
A patchwork of memories

I wonder what will come from your hesitation
I’ll give you hints on how to live your life well
My advice is soft and gentle;
To be an oblate is to live in a present that never advances;
To suddenly change your ways will immediately cut your everyday life in two
We’ll be able to extinguish everything, from the minute we met up until now, just by reaffirming our love

Fall down to the bottom of your consciousness and there I exist - the boundary that you lend your mouth and ears to
I sing as a distraction
In this daily life made out of foam
You are no longer a “sparkling moment” for me

I remember

Deep, deep in your consciousness
You remain all alone
On that day, at that time
I dreamt a dream I’d already dreamt before
On that day, at that time
Much like that repeating dream I repeatedly thought of you

I’m far more of a crybaby than you remember me being -
I’m waiting here for you

How are you going to live now?
How are you going to keep living now?

You’ll never change, remaining like this until the day you die
Your true feelings have sunk to the bottom of a deep and dark swamp -
Yes, they’ve built and built until they’ve flooded over

The scene - our memories of those times
beautiful memories stacked on top of each other
Wonderful - fantastic - that girl was so much fun
You hated that girl

I’ve worked hard for myself -
What have you done for yourself
When you notice the scattered pieces of the mirror
You’ll realize I wanted you to notice

Is this still going on? Is this still happening?
Even though I’d been waiting for you
Even though I loved you

Eternal love only exists in distress
Eternal love certainly doesn’t exist anywhere anymore

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    (Take note, I paid little attention to the lyrics in this song description, this is based purely off of visuals from the music video) In my personal opinion, I believe this song is about how an anime/hentai and crack addiction has ruined the "protagonist's" per say, life. He has had the addiction for a long time, and he had a relationship with a woman but this destroyed it. Going through the song, he wakes up and does his "routine" (Which I'll get to later). He uses the crack and dives into the hentai. However, as he continues, he realizes this is a problem, which is when everything turns "dark." He then goes on to realize this addiction is killing him, and he looks into the past, where you can see he leaves behind his girlfriend for his addiction, as it was taking him over. The addiction mentally kills him, and his girlfriend feels bad for him but there is nothing she can do. He becomes enraged and begins attempting to destroy his addiction, which is the part of the first person shooter. While doing this he attempts to save his relationship but it fails. The addiction then begins to fight back, which is the rave part. It destroys him, but the addiction shows him to stop fighting it and to let it heal him, which is when the girls are cuddling and comforting him. His head falls and the music ends with the exact same frame it started with, therefore showing this is a cycle, or a routine as I stated earlier. This may not be all that accurate since I didn't use the lyrics, but it's the best I can think of.
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    He was obsessed with something that simply wasnt true. He had a routine and he dreams of everything being happy but it soon turns dark and twisted. The girlfriend blames her self in these lyrics saying that maybe dreaming or having this unrealistic and just different version of her or a version of her which doesnt exist anymore like her old self was more helpful than she could be. She even says that back then she was more convinient to you like meaning that she wasnt helpful so this brings her down. Maybe
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    this song is a message directed to the boy. the girl simply wants him back as he was the reason she lived. he was her true love but now he has fallen to such distress and the 'girlfriend' tries as hard as she can to bring him back . the moment was between him relasping some seconds of happiness then dark path he tries as hard as he can to go back but its in vain in the last he is consumed and he still becomes a emotionless. in the end you can hear the girl calling him to look the sky as she is saying she is still there to help him.
    question - what happens next?
    there are moments where its too late for realizing his fault but what i think is his girlfriend will finally snatch him back from the digital ' girlfriend ' (the digital gf looks like the real one maybe because the real of thinks her as more influencial ) this is a song not an anime we cant conclude more than this but i want to see what happens next
    see ya guys
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    from what we see, the video shows mannequins on the floor, and it goes into the computer, perhaps, the boy has a girlfriend, but an addiction to porn? the girlfriend and him were slowly slipping out of contact, then the girlfriend thinks its because something's wrong with her, so she completely changes. so, basically it means that the girlfriend might become more, horny. I think the end represents the guy apologizing, and possibly escapes from his addiction, either that or the en (him getting squishes in boobs) represents how he couldn't escape his addiction. This was just a short explanation!
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    it is really simple the song is about addiction to porn and how it change his view on life and is long term relation ship and how is girlfriends beg him to come back to is younger self but as he being consume by is addiction he decide to fight back is addiction. This is wen we see him transform into that suit with is guns but as he fall down deeper as he failed to save his relation ship loosing is battle versus is addiction but that their is still hope as is head is the last part of him still determine to stay alive and fight back but at the end he did loose.
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      (Take note, I paid little attention to the lyrics in this song description, this is based purely... Read more →
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      He was obsessed with something that simply wasnt true. He had a routine and he dreams of everything... Read more →

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