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Zenon – All About You lyrics

All About You by Cosmic Blush (Zenon 3)

I was on my own,
I was doin' just fine,
When you came in my life.
I was into you,
You were feelin' me too,
It was all a good time.

You turned me upside-down,
Turned my world around,
Everything was alright.
Now I'm having doubts,
What you're all about
And I'm losin' my mind.

Too blind to see it,
Too in love to believe it,
What you're doin' to me.


When it's all about you,
What about me?
Don't I deserve to be happy?
Spent all of my time
Givin' you mine,
That's not the way that it should be.
When it's all about you
You forget about me,
You can't change what you can't see
When it's all about you, ohh.
When it's all about you, ohh.

When it's all about

Ev'rything you say,
Ev'rything you do
Has got to be about you.
You drive a fancy car,
Like you're some big star
Now I've got a clear view.
So you say it like this,
But you do it like that -
You've got me confused.
Lookin' at yourself,
Like you're somethin' else -
I got nothin' to lose.
Come on, give me your best shot,
Give me ev'rything you've got,
It's never gonna be good enough for me.


I'm lookin' at you,
You're lookin' at me.
I'm walkin' away,
But you don't see.
What ya got
Is all ya need
The best things in life
Aren't always free.
All you wanted was yourself,
Don't care about me or no one else.
Didn't matter to you,
Don't matter to me,
That's how it's gotta be.
When it's all about you, ohh.
When it's all about you, ohh.


When it's all about you, ohh.
When it's all about you, ohh, ohh.

*These lyrics are correct due to the fact that they were song the same way on the
movie because I accidently had Captions on.

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