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Zebra – Who's Behind The Door? lyrics

We sailed away
We walked 2 thousand miles
And then we slipped away
We looked so hard
But couldn't seem to find just what
The world was for
Now we know
Just what the journey's for

Looking out to the stars
Think about what you are
What do they think of you
Animals in their zoo
They haven't got the time
Landing's not on their minds
How do they have the nerve
We're animals in preserve

They watch us all
They're only making sure that we
Don't trip and fall
Now they look so hard
But they can't tell us why they're
Here and just what for
Because they don't know
Who opened up the door

How can we find out more
Who owns the keyless door
Where does the circle end
Who are the unwatched men
Where do we go from here
Faith is a fading fear
Life is a waiting room
I hope they don't call me soon

How much more do you really
Think you know than a flower
Does about who's behind the door

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    I'd have to guess this song is about near-death experiences. Those waiting for us in the afterlife were not expecting us so suddenly. That light at the end of the tunnel was meant to blind us, as a security measure, long enough while they decide our fate (live or die), and to not see them prematurely. Eventually, for good or bad, all of god's flowers will find their answer.
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    The song begins in such a way as to sound like a song about two sweethearts remembering the old days - when they first fell in love. That hooked me back when it debuted back in the early 1980's. It's a very good song - one which should have launched Zebra into a prolific career. Nonetheless, we are blessed to have such a timeless song to listen to.
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    It means for myself. Were controlled by goverment and very powerful people, who dictate to us how we live our lives. Also. The truth is no one really knows where we came from, or who created. We think we know, but we don, T. Humans think (or like to- ego) they know everything. On this planet people know who, s behind the door, but if we look out into the universe. We don, t know whos behind the door.
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    The leader (most people call god) stepped through a porthole he wasn't meant to step through. Since he has more important things to do, he gave demigods the task of watching over us. We are like animals in a zoo in that regard, but we are not in physical cages so we think we are "free". Some of use, like zebra is doing here, question why we aren't free like they are, and are answered with "our zookeepers are too busy with more important things than to worry about the monkey running around earth behind a door the zookeepers accidentally opened and then couldn't close.
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    I think one possibility is that the uncertainty of how anything can turn out for anyone could be ascribed "to the stars". Sort of like the astrologers do.
    The opening stanza mentions "we" and I take that to suggest it's about a pair of lovers at some early point in their relationship who are seeking insight as to where their love will take them.
    The second stanza could mean a lot of things, but I think it's saying we humans ascribe too much meaning to external things and that the answers are within us all, yet aren't immediately observable. As long as the lovers keep their hopes and guidance as lofty as the stars, then at least they are headed the right way. Sort of how the ancient mariners were guided by the stars.
    The third stanza is explaining the bewilderment the lovers experience when they discover they've had the answers all along, but they are concerned for how much time they have left as mortals. The unwatched men could be whatever fate befalls them which ends their existence as corporeal beings and transcends them to a higher one - although they don't want to rush that event because they enjoy their newly-founded love. I suppose the message is to not rush through life and exist in the moment. After all, the flower lives that way.
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      I'd have to guess this song is about near-death experiences. Those waiting for us in the afterlife... Read more →
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      The song begins in such a way as to sound like a song about two sweethearts remembering the old... Read more →

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