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Zebra – Who Am I lyrics

Try to stay calm
As you open the door
But you can't remember
What you came here for
The edge of the sun
You think, "If God is here,
Why should this pain be done?"
Try to stay calm
But you can't understand
Why a man is begging
And it's not your hand
Go and ask why
And they tell you pray
It's insane

You take a ride thru the magic of life
As all of your fears surround you
You're all alone from beginning to end
While separating the lies from the truth

Who am I? And why are we here?
Who am I? And what do we fear?
Who am I? To say I believe?
Who am I?

Thou shall not kill
But the animal's dead
Because he doesn't count
It's what the good book says
Think about that
And you thinking may change
When the souless creature
Makes you feel ashamed
How can men say
That they can't understand
That the words they read
Were written by a man
How can men claim
That "He" teaches thru pain
It's insane

You look around for the answers to life
You're told that you have to have faith
You get a book explaining 10,000 years
But there are 5 billion more that remain

Who am I? And why are we here?
Who am I? And what do we fear?
Who am I? To say I believe?
Who am I?


Be a good boy and we'll open the door
But you better have faith or you'll be no more
Try to stay calm but you can't understand
Why the good is not counted in a faithless man

Who am I? The question of man
Who am I? Could love be the plan?
Who am I? To say I can see
Who am I?

Who am I? Why are you here?
Who am I? What you you fear?
Who am I? To say what to do?
Who am I?

Who am I?
Who am I?
Tell me, tell me, tell me
Who am I?
You've got to make us to see
Who am I?
To believe

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