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Yung Jesus – Get Big lyrics

I'm a yung kid that's destine to be the king (get big)
I aint writtin ordinary lyrics I'm jus doin my thing (get big)
I jus heard something go ping (get big)
Make magic as I say bada bing, and I said (get big)
I'm bringin my Hondurian style
When we cum up we gone bring da vyle
Scream my name, As make off the entertain
Come wit me man up u c, I said (get big)

[Verse 1]
I'm sittin in da 85 wit the side dry
I'm rappin with my pride
You buy a wheel, I buy a car
Stay on the top til somebody take my raw
I fight til make a stop pit
Finish u wit a co pit
Tellin you da I hit
I threw u in it
With out a doubt, My mind stay rite
Your girl get tite
I rock her left from right
I wish you can meet me here
So I can embarece you there
I really don't care
It really really aint REALLY fare
I make rain yellow water on you

[Verse 2]
I said I'm gettin hot right now
Becuz if I take a bow
Then I'm the king now
Shake my eyenrow up and down
Take you out wit a big frown
Dnt play me like imma clown
Before I give a big puch pound
80's type of guy
I like rite my rhymes
And you judge itz size
16 worded lines
This world is minez
Too bad ur waistin my tyme
Trust me dat iz a cryme
Mixin it up like lemon n lime
Imma make anotha mix because I'm done by nine

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