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Yung Henrique – Fuck Queen lyrics

First of all
I'm the real dope head baby
You're real' I'm ain't
Broke dead baby
Playin' on me, relaxin' on me
Fuck me queen!
Now, I'm checkin' her ass
She suckin' me free
We rollin' on the bed
We rollin' sex is good
Now tired of you
Hanging out with a real dude
You scared of me?
Ain't scared of your thing queen!
She Relaxed on ma chest
Hopin' for my dick? Queen!
You make me eager
You made my dick stand
You got to know me better
No one could understand
Flows with a real G
Connectin' me to pussy
Got the dough' there we go
Hey! lucci
Queen money talks
I brought my mic here
Dancin' on my line
Waitin' for the right year
You being good' being good
That's all I need
Check the fuck' check it out
Nigga you missed
Got no time for foes' on your own
Forget the past I took yo to ay
Now I'm back to the campus
Seein' all bitches' queen I wanna touch?
Troop niggas' who will be the best
Frosh die
You hatin' on me
I made her rost die
I've sent a lot of bitches' to y'all to feel all
Queen needs me' she feel hot she feel hot
I'm so good
My rap makes bitches go wet
I'm a teen' do you think
It's time to wed
Fmh! That's how I taught
A bitch lessons
Breasts swell' dicks rises
All a blessings
Bae hands up' real G
Checking the bottoms
Queen! On the bed
I ain't usin' any condom
I blast her ass' I made the ass look fine
I'm brave' awkwardly
Crossin' bitches line
I sent a little dick
To send a troop on 'em
Bitches feel Free' a expenditures there
Love is love' all has been
Drunk in love
Queen! My boo' never want
Her wrong in love
The party started by 10
I picked a bitch go
She wanna know me
I'm ain't boss jo
We got home' queen starrin'
Mehn! Confusion
Queen! outside' smacked her as excuse us
On my bed' sex smiles
We actin' like doggies
Done with a bitch!
Get a cash go shawty
Yo' it's Yung Henrique Bae
Me fuck all the fuckin' bitch!

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