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Yung Damon! – L-M-A-O lyrics

Hellaflow (Ha! )
Yea you already
Got me laughin my ass off, L-M-A-O

(Hook) x2

Ha, ha, ha,
Hardy har, har
You the biggest joke by far
Got me laughin' my ass off
L-M-A-O!. L-M-A-O

(Verse 1)

What up, what's happnin
Ok hello there
I be laughin' at these niggaz, l-o-l
These niggaz snitichin' on my homie, they'll go tell
You don't like me pussy nigga, well oh well
100 dollas in yo pocket (that aint no fuckin money)
'Round here frontin' for these hoes, you so fuckin' funny
Myspace, facebook, even youtube
Got a spongebob feelin like he dat dude
Frontin like she high class actin all sedity
Sellin ass, but her pussy aint worth a penny
Say she never sucked dick, bla jae schaw
But all I here bitch is blah blah blah
Bugga put me on game, these niggaz really lame
Fake daps fake chains fake errthing
Holl'n you gon do this and you gon' shoot dat
And he don't even tote a pistol where they do dat at


Levi's, Air Jordan's, and my gucci bag
Ye aint know I started Aura these niggaz still on swag
I got bitches 'cross the border tryna give me that
I did my ad-libs and niggaz went to stealin dat
Talkin' bout Damonand how I'm livin'
Fuck him fuck her and yo opinion
That's yo patna 550, dem yo girl clothes
He rockin skinny jeans, and homie we don't wear those
I got labels on the phone talkin big money
He throwin dubs, but he frontin wit his rent money
He tryna holla at a broad and she aint wit dat
And when she tell the nigga no then he get mad,
And she aint got no money in the bank
She be ridin' round town wit no gas in her tank (lookin' stank)
And you don't really move work stay in yo lane
Real talk nigga you's a muthafuckin lame


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