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Yulema – Lowkey Flex lyrics

I only like baddies
Your new girl lookin’ ratty
I be poppin in that Rari
While you basic in that Caddy
Cuz I lowkey flex
L-L-Lowkey flex
You keep frontin’ like you bout it
I just lowkey Flex

(Verse 1)
Yo, I think Ulee snapped
Oh my god, she the queen of the trap
She’s so dope all them girls fall back
I think all of them dudes wanna mack

Pop 2, pop 3, pop 4
I’m so turnt but I’m bout to pop more
Lowkey, I get booty like a chair
She say I’m basic
I said girl where?

You can’t even really dance girl
You spillin out dem pants girl
I’m chillin out in France girl
I’m about to take ya man girl

Look at all of my exes
Some of them was from Texas
And they keep sendin these texts
But I’m steady movin on to the next

Cuz this pic I took is fire
My selfie bout to drop
Put that money in my bag
And I’ll make the world stop

(Chorus repeat)

(Verse 2)
All this money
All these girls lookin at me funny
Yo man in my Rari
And I’m really really really not sorry

I be boppin and poppin my back like a seizure
Flow so cold you could find me in a freezer
Pretty face, big butt,
Yea I know you wanna squeeze her

Oh god, I’m too lit
Now you know I’m way too lit
If these hittas keep on talkin
Now these hittas gon get hit

Now I got more cheese than a Dominos
And I really don’t mess wit you ugly woes
Gotta big old booty like Amber Rose
Stretchin out these pantyhose

Girl you lookin dusty
All you do is flop
Put that money in my bag
And I’ll make the world stop

(Chorus repeat)


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