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Young Noble – I Ride U Ride lyrics

Young Noble how you do that shit?
I'm a show you how nigga

[Verse 1:]
We live for the rush c*** it and bust who askin' for us
Who giving a fuck down on yo luck hand me down chucks
Come around and get stucked, bitch what? Sittin' ducks lift the cuffs
Hit 'em up you gon' blitz and drop
Aye yo they got me peepin' the whole scene like come clean
Hold it in my jeans all I'd ever dreamed fiends get beat like Rodney King
Brand new T. V won't cost a thing
I tuck mine unda' here won't floss a thing
Yo you niggaz bad dope sad and broke a laugh and joke with my folks
Have a toast with my folks cause shit get hard
You only got two choices better listen to God
Piss in the yard I'm a dog tryna cleanse the block
My man needed a hand so a lent a shot
Snitch a cop, who you think I'm talkin to nigga?
We got souljahs with no problems talkin to nigga
Darker the nigga vision dearly departin' a nigga
Homey life is what you make it qou can take it or leave it
Break it or beat it now how you gon' taste it and eat it
Let's make it a secret and play it to keep it
Vegas on a weekend ride heated cause his niggz is creepin
My range decent hidden by a longshot
Niggaz in the game sad it's over when the Lawz drop
You ain't neva lied niggaz neva tried to harm us
We like piranhas in this world of drama respect the karma

[Chorus: x2]
I ride you ride
Nigga we all ride
I'm high you high
Nigga we all high
I try you try
Nigga we all try
On the grind everyday tryna race time

[Verse 2:]
Lit up a dust kick up some dust
Leave it to us everything ain't even enough to even us up
Leavin 'em slump I'm lyrically seekin' the crush
Now you bleedin' for what high speedin' for what
Eatin 'em up we swingin' the cut
Do or thang then what hell naw you can't swing with us
I rock this with strategist and polish this
Obviously holy you'll see N. O. B. L. E.
But don't get it fucked up cause I'll c*** the four
The greatest rapper who ever lived was Pac Shakur
Ya niggaz got to be out cha mind
This shit wouldn't be going on if the Don was alive
But now it's our time and we gon' share some light
How come somethin' so wrong feel oh so right
It's like my days is my nights and my pain come to life
And the change is the price for the rage in my heart
On the stage in the dark tryna find my way
Ain't no time to play either rise or lay

[Chorus x4]

Tryna race time, we in a race for our life
Uhh... This goes out to all the locked up soldiers
Tryna race time
Hold it down Outlaw

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