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Young Heretics – I Know I'm A Wolf lyrics

Dear rabbit my legs are getting weak chasing you
The snow fields wouldn't seem so big if you knew
That this blood on my teeth it is far beyond dry
And I've captured you once but I wasn't quite right
So I'm telling you that you'll be safe with me

Rabbit my claws are dull now so don't be afraid
I could keep you warm as long as you can just try to be brave

Yes I know I'm a wolf and I've been known to bite
But the rest of my pack I have left them behind
And my teeth may be sharp and I've been raised to kill
But the thought of fresh meat it is making me I'll
So I'm telling you that you'll be safe with me

So rabbit please stop looking the other way
It's cold out there so why not stay here
Under my tail

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Submitted byDarne210
Corrected byDafna11

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    Honestly when I first listened to the song I fell in love with its haunting lilt and mourning quality. The droning notes and solemn singer offer a story in itself. Though as a piece of art there may be no true explanation... I saw this as a tragedy. A rabbit and a wolf are forever separated by their very nature. They live in two separate worlds and when they come together it can only spell bloodshed. The part in the song where the music stops and turns eerie is perhaps when the wolf accidently snaps and hurts the "rabbit". Later he says "please stop looking the other way" as if the rabbit is angry or put out with the wolf. The wolf wants the rabbit to stay but the rabbit knows it will happen again. Its kind of like how humans interact with each other in a way. A wolf catches a rabbit and lets it go, realizes letting it go "wasn't quite right" and returns to recapture and complete the intended job beforehand. Whether that it to now destroy and consume the rabbit or love it is unknown.

    Also this song may spell out how it is impossible for a "wolf" to love a rabbit" as he will more than likely eventually kill it or chase it away. Creatures from two separate worlds are doomed to fight and die in spite of their love.

    Also the quote "love is like a falcon." Comes to mind. This basically describes how love seeks, finds, and eventually consumes. Much like a wolf would consume a rabbit perhaps.
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  • u
    Essentially this song has two meanings - on the first simpler, it's about the chase between a wolf and a rabbit but on the other is about an abuser and the abused.
    I really wouldn't go so far into analysis if I didn't know how good young heretics is at this so bear with me.

    The wolf - the abuser - is persuading the rabbit - the abused - to come back to them.

    In the first verse, I feel that 'I've captured you once but it wasn't quite right' is very much an amendment thing. A "I won't do it again" kind of statement.
    The wolf throughout speaks in a very authoritive tone despite the instances that the rabbit will be safe with the repeated "telling you" instead of "I promise I won't hurt you again" or "I'm sorry".

    All the things the wolf says are used to persuade, they're lines like "I could keep you warm" and "my claws are dull now" and the idea that he's left his pack behind (could be a metaphor for his bad or abusive behaviour).

    Despite all this "change" in the wolf, there's still the line about the blood on his teeth behind far beyond dry. This pretty much makes it clear that no matter what, the rabbit won't ever be safe and he's just going to repeat the abuse.

    In the story of the physical wolf and rabbit, this would probably be the wolf killing and eating the rabbit.

    The final lines are the last persuasion, that it's cold and the rabbit could be warm if they only were brave and stayed with the wolf. "Looking the other way" feels very much like a relationship where there's been an argument and one partner is refusing to forgive the other.

    The ending is left open as to whether the rabbit dies/the wolf gets what it wants.
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    Truly, this is a really emotional song.

    You can take this any way, really. The most common seems to be the wolf is attempting to deny their nature and not eat the rabbit, so much that meat seems unappealing. However, the wolf slips and does something to the rabbit such as attacks it but fails to kill it.

    Personally, the above is definitely what it seems like. I rather feel like it could also be describing a relationship, or mayhap the wolf is attempting to trick the rabbit into feeling safe. But honestly I don't believe the last one, at least not as much.

    The last words and tone, however, put me in the mind that if we are talking of the former theory then the wolf accidentally killed the rabbit and regrets it as the tone is sad and the music soft and almost eerie. A parallel to towards the middle where the music is heavy and harsher, and also more shiver-inducing.

    There is the thought that towards the middle, maybe, the wolf is going through possible withdrawal symptoms from trying to defy nature and not eat the rabbit.

    In short: it seems, in my opinion, to be a song where the wolf is attempting to befriend a rabbit by denying their nature.
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  • e
    It isn't long, but I think that this song is about someone trying to defy their true nature. When the music gets eerie, I think he ended up killing the rabbit. He hurt it. But afterwards, he seems to regret it and want a second chance, since the last lines seem to be laced with sorrow.
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    I believe that this song has a lot of possible meanings, but the first one that comes into mind is school. There are different groups of kids like the jocks, or popular girls/boys starting around middle school. These two groups usually are the meaner ones who pick on the kids that they may be think are weird like geeks, or people who are just different. I think of the wolf as one of those meaner kids and the rabbit as the kid getting picked on.

    When it says"Dear Rabbit, my legs are getting weak chasing you," I think it means that the "wolf" is tired of teasing the "rabbit". Next it says "the snow fields wouldn't seem so big, if you knew." The "wolf" might have something personal going on with him that might be influencing him. "That this blood on my teeth, is far beyond dry." May mean that he has done bad things recently to the "rabbit". It then says "I have captured you once, but I wasn't quite right, so I'm telling you, that you'll be safe with me." It is the "wolf" saying that he was wrong to do the things that he had done and that the "rabbit" is safe with him.

    "And Rabbit, my claws are dull so don't be afraid," may mean that he is not planning to do anything bad to the "rabbit". "I could keep you warm as long as you try to be brave" could mean that the wolf is offering to be friends with the rabbit. "Yes I know I'm a wolf, and I've been known to bite, but the rest of my pack, I've left them behind," means that the jock, we'll say, knows that is the group he's placed in and that he is known for being a bully, but he has tried to leave his past behind. "And my teeth may be sharp and I've been raised to kill, but the thought of fresh meat, it is making me ill, so I'm telling you you'll be safe with me." May mean that the wolfs old friends have influenced him but the way he has been treating others doesn't appeal to him anymore.

    After these last lines there is a part of the song that makes it seem really eerie and bad like he did something to the rabbit. Then there are the last lines of the song that say "So Rabbit, please stop looking the other way, its cold out there, so why not stay here under my tail." These lines are sung in a bit of a sober tone which leaves me to believe that in the eerie part he did something to the rabbit he didn't mean to do and the rabbit is mad at him, but when the wolf says "it's cold out there so why not stay here under my tail." It sounds like the wolf wants to protect the rabbit from others that want hurt him.

    This is just what comes to mind when I hear the song.
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