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Young Dnalkao – Madd Ill lyrics

[Verse 1: Young Dnalkao]

Last night it was Madd I'll
Could've sworn I died and came back it was so real
Daydreaming spending money like I signed a deal
Life's looking funny I can't keep my vision still
It was a good day and a big crowd
I need some get right, I'm talking right now
Hit my nigga Wezz, haze in the clouds
Round two tonight bitch (x1)
You know I'm down

[Hook: Young Dnalkao]

Last night it was Madd I'll
Woke up with a head ache
Man I think I need an Advil (x1)
We was riding cruising
Riding cruising (x2)
(Somebody tell me how I made it home)
We was riding cruising
Riding cruising (x2)
(Somebody tell me how I made it home)

[Verse 2: Marcus Orelias]

Riding (Drank), cruising (Drank)
At 4:45, fifteen minutes before my fame
I came across this pretty young thing
With a pretty bottle, which is pretty ironic
Cause I ain't 21 yet... oops
I been tryna bust them guts
This liquor gone' help me bust a kidney though
So I worry less about a nut
Passing glass to me, while she high climbing tree
Ok whatever that means but that's how everything seems
When the drank in me, flood this venue out till it's empty
Is it me or has the temperature reached 83?
Shirt on taco meat and I'm starting to do that smooth Micheal Jackson lean
It's criminal, I can't put a patent on Paula?
But blessings from Shango bring dollars that make me holler
If my Mama saw me like this she'd probably scream
It's Madd Ill, I can't crash till, I'm fresh out of... (O, grab the wheel! )


[Outro: Young Dnalkao]

I be riding through my city, riding through my city (x1)
Ain't nobody fucking with me (x4)
We On, yea. Tell my niggas, we on, we on, we on
Tell them bitches I'm gone (Madd Ill)
Tell them bitches I'm gone, I'm gone, I'm gone

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