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Young Curt – Its The Mobb lyrics

[Verse 1:]
I mobb I mobb bitches get played and slappd like ipods I spit game and they slob
All on ma knob like corn on the cob like the country in the east nigga I-raq jus like
A pill you will get popped chickens on a rooster bitches on ma c*** cause I go &
Nigga you stop you flip birds I flip flocks you hold da duce I hold da glock stay on
The block you stay on ma jock I stay flippin knots keep rocks in ma sock rap game
Like a chain I got it on lock & like a dirty floor you will get mopped I stay on top you
Can't have what I got money all bars cause nigga I mobb

[Hook: x2]
Bitch it's da mobb [x5]
You should alreaady kno do
And everybody kno I give a fuck about a ho doe

[Verse 2: Young D]
Young d & yea I'm with the fam fam flinstones in my ear & ma pebbles go bam bam
Big belt around my waist lookin like a damn champ diamonds n ma neck shine
Brighter den a damn lamp I burn a lot of trees like a damn camp & get blown lik
A tuba n a band camp the way I hold my pants you kno dat the man strapped yea I
Pull licks got more licks den a damn stamp now where ma fam at problems we
Can handle dat keep the heat make a nigga melt like candle wax big fam bam yea
He keep the rambo pack 12 guage make a nigga flip like a acrobat she got a nice
Ass I go after dat she got a couple sacks I'm a tackle dat couple racks gimme
Dat nigga den I'm happy den I split it with the mobb gota keep it in the family

[Hook: x2]
Bitch it's da mobb [x5]
You should alreaady kno do
And everybody kno we give a fuck about a ho

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