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Young Blaze – 344 Words In A Minute lyrics

Ima kick that shit yall niggas understand niggas I'm
About to tear this bitch up when I got them thangs
And I got those flames I'm the
Type to make a motherfucka get up hit a nigga in
His gut but I told yall hoes and you gangstas and
Rydas I'm gone do but I told yall haters that I'm
Bout to
Get a nigga
Steal a nigga
Kill a nigga
Drill a nigga
Peal a nigga
Deal a nigga
Will a nigga
Spill a nigga
I'll a nigga
Seal a nigga
Wheel a nigga
Bill a nigga
Chill a nigga
Niggas understand I'm bout to get a nigga
Catch my breath
Squeeze out dog till it aint nothing left
Cut niggas up like beef to the chef and you
Haters in the game but I bez the ref niggas
From the south side side of chi then I run
Thru ya house wit a gat held high cuz them
Gangstas ballas hustlas hustlas ballas gangsta
People understand we all just gank ya that's right
Ask twista shwanna do or die bump j kanye
Common I'm a put it down cuz the chi town
Sponsors play no games yall lames can't harm
Us representin till the day that I die representing
The motherfucking c-h nigga I cuz I'm ready but
Heavy steady running with supper deadly niggas
They let me machetties they gonna get you buried
Grabbing the pelle'you couldn't tell me cuz I be
Hitting you dare me but you scary I'm ready to pop you
When I lock you when you be near me

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