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Yellowcard – Only One lyrics

Broken this fragile thing now
And I can't, I can't pick up the pieces
And I've thrown my words all around
But I can't, I can't give you a reason

I feel so broken up (so broken up)
And I give up (I give up)
I just want to tell you so you know

Here I go, scream my lungs out and try to get to you
You are my only one
I let go, there's just no one that gets me like you do
You are my only, my only one

Made my mistakes, let you down
And I can't, I can't hold on for too long
I ran my whole life in the ground
And I can't, I can't get up when you're gone

And something's breaking up (breaking up)
I feel like giving up (like giving up)
I won't walk out until you know

Here I go, scream my lungs out and try to get to you
You are my only one
I let go, there's just no one who gets me like you do
You are my only, my only one

Here I go so dishonestly
Leave a note for you my only one
And I know you can see right through me
So let me go and you will find someone

Here I go, scream my lungs out and try to get to you
You are my only one
I let go, there's just no one, no one like you
You are my only, my only one
My only one
My only one
My only one
You are my only, my only one

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  • u
    For me this song is about losing your trust to someone you really love because of the pain she or he brought, probably infidelity. And she or he can't bring back that trust and it becomes a problem every now and then. Letting go of your only one is painful but that's what you get if you mess up with someone's trust. So this song is about admitting you made a mistake and it hurts your only one and letting go is the only way to forget and regain trust of his or herself.
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  • Tak
    It sounds to me like the couples (possibly long-term) relationship was teetering on a breakup. When the breakup happened and the girl asked him for a reason, he couldn't give her one because he really had none since he clearly didn't know what he wanted.
    Perhaps the guy was looking to see if he could find better than what he had (or he had a wandering eye for another girl) and he left her, only to realize too late that he had what he wanted all along.
    They may have gotten back together because she's willing to forgive him for what he did. The guy is flustered and afraid he will repeat the mistakes. He realizes he's completely ruined what they had and doesn't think things will get fixed(or rather, pieced back together). Even though she's willing to work with him, the guy doesn't even try to fix their relationship (out of fear) and leaves again.
    He then leaves a poorly written note for her. He knows well that she will see through whatever shoddy, dishonest reasons he gives her for leaving, but will not tell her the truth. He still leaves, fearing his mistakes, which in the long run will certainly come back to haunt him in the future.
    Thus, he is screaming out (figuratively and literally) his true feelings of love for this girl.
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  • s
    I think tihs song is, that a man had cheated on her and found that he really, really loved her.
    Maybe he is a type who can't express what he thinks straightfowardly.
    He had always been pretending to be tough and this tendency deceived himself too, he didn't know whether he loved her or not.
    But when they decided to break up, he finally found what he really wanted and could bare his naked feelings.
    I can relate to this song because it's my story.
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