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Year Of The Rabbit – Lie Down lyrics

We're just temporary souls in your common tractor

Scraping out the mold from an old reactor
Come on pretty baby, won't you take a taste with me

Just around the corner we can find some action
What the fuck you doing with the fake(strange) reaction
When all I want to know is will you take a taste with me

If I lie down, would you lie down
If I lie down, would you lie down

I'll just wipe the pretty glow off your mouth with my sleeve
Watch your features change as it fights your blood stream
I was never sure I could see behind your eyes

Oh that merry case which could make me happy
I know it's hard to take but we can feel happy
I was never sure I could see behind your eyes


'Cause I will shudder with the cloak that I wash my pain in
And I will scream with overflow by the rain you dropped in
Tell it, I could slowly..
Waste it, looking for the...
Ruin, we could bring it down and... Slowly


Damage, I can't see
Wasted and I can't breathe
Ruined, you could bring it down

If I lie down

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