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Yazoo – Too Pieces lyrics

Write me a letter a face in the hall
Hiding from someone afraid of the fall
And she's waiting for someone (Waiting for someone) to take her back to where she came from
And she'll wait alone for hours (Waiting all alone) she won't mind because there's someone
In a story she remembers she remembers, she remembers in the letter
And the tears locked up inside her make her heart break open wider
Shuts her eyes and takes the picture from the wall

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    I loved yaz when I was 14/15. I can't help but relate it to my 15 year old daughter who has been court ordered to a "behavior modification" school in Utah. (for "crimes" of smoking pot and driving a scooter w/out a license). She is pretty much in a "tough love" boot camp, mormon run, detention. And She hasn't earned phone privileges yet. All I can do is write her, send her photos from home, and hope she gets them. Also waiting for a letter from her. She needed help. And healing and therapy, but not this. I feel like she's alone and scared and lost. In the "system"
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