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XXXTENTACION – Blood Stains lyrics

(feat. D.R.U.G.S & Ski Mask The Slump God)

[Intro: Ski Mask The Slump God, Drugz]
Aye, aye
Aye, aye, aye, aye
Ski, Ski, Ski, Ski, Ski, Ski,Ski, Ski, Ski
Aye, aye [?]
Aye [?]

[Verse 1: Ski Mask The Slump God, D.R.U.G.S]
Niggas think that I'm slippin' like the floor wet but (skrr)
Bitch that ain't the muthafuckin truth
Aye, you better act like Shaq and try to dunk in my face
'Cause you know you don't know how to shoot
You aim at the roof, claimin you ready to shoot
Ski mask is bagging your hoe
Like it's your damn local grocery store
Pull off in that SKRR SKRR what's the name I don't know
Flow like a boat, throwing them bows
A black bitch hairline couldn't weave
Act like your hairline and start to recede
Back that ass up, aye aye aye aye
(Ski, Ski, Ski, Ski, Ski, aight then Ski)
Dive up in that pussy like a ocean
Pretty ass dolphin, came out lookin holy, water
Call it Nova Scotia, I'm a hipster with this dope on my hip that I'm token, blowin'
Only smokin backwoods call it mother nature
Tell your fuckin' mother touch my vapester
Watchin me uh fuck up the uh
Touchin your uh, watchin' me stump for the uh

Bloodstains on my mommas floor
(said I got said I got said I got)
Bloodstain on my mothers floor
(aye aye aye)
Bloodstain on my mommas floor
(said I got said I got said I got, drugs)
Bloodstains on my mommas floor
(aye aye aye)

[Verse 2: D.R.U.G.S]
Niggas love to try me
I'm a very rare savage don't try me
All my niggas is grimy
Said I'm feelin' on her pussy and it's slimy
Niggas love to watch me
Bitch nigga might as well you feel me
'Cause everytime you see me
It look like i'm in a movie
Tryna run up, fuck boy, pussy leave I got my tooly
Boy I ain't no fooly
Got a light skin bitch and she cooly
I got the gas call it Texaco
Me and Ski, we flexaco
Pull up to the scene letting shit spray
Bitch you know it's pay day
You ain't got my shit and pussy boy
You know that it's mayday
I don't play games, I'm with the shits
I stay with them molly shits
I'm with the shits, don't try me
My niggas, is savages
We will fuckin' pull up to your scene
And let them shits hammers go
Nigga you know, where the fuck I'm from
I'm a New York nigga ain't no 1 on 1
What the fuck you saying boy, I ain't playing
Boy I will take your mother's son
I will take your bitch, from your hand
Then treat her like a newborn, bitch I ain't no...

Bloodstains on my mommas floor
(said I got said I got said I got)
Bloodstain on my mothers floor
(aye aye aye)
Bloodstain on my mommas floor
(said I got said I got said I got, bih)
Bloodstains on my mommas floor
(aye aye aye)

Got my sidekick and my sidekick
Rock a fellur then rock a feller
Hentai on my history what happen to it, bitch mystery
XX no love
Marty got the hollow leave a nigga head to hollows
Suck and swallow for the money young bitch
Hunnid, gunnin, I get money what you mean
Living in my tree is bad bitch, such a fiend
She got tassles on her nipples beat that pussy like a riptide
I'm so high, I'm so high
Fuck a bitch get lie, lowkey young nigga but uh
Call her hit the phone for that PS2
Maybe don't matter too
Got the chrome for a fool
If he trippin make him drool
Got the tabs, you a fag
Fuck nigga get a jab to your nose

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