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Wrestling Lyrics – Beach Patrol lyrics

I was walking down the beach looking for some action,
Had my radio set on a rappin' rock station.
Saw a girl drowning, sticking situations.
She wanted me to give her mouth-to-mouth recessitation.
We are the beach patrol.
We want to party, party, party.
We are the beach patrol.
We want to party, party, party.
We were cruising down the beach checking out the action,
Had my radio rocking to a heavy metal station.
Putting on some shades, trying to catch some rays,
When a caught the life guard messing with my babe.
Woop, there it is, woop, there it is.
You better watch out 'cause here comes my boyfriend.
Pump it up, pump it up, pump up the base.
Here he comes!
Woop, there it is, check it up, check it in,
You'll be six feet deep if you touch my girlfriend.
You know this home boy could lose control,
You just don't mess with the beach patrol.
When you're hanging at the beach you can see so much,
Look all you want, but you better not touch.
Take it from me, don't lose control,
'Cause you're gunna have to deal with the beach patrol.
Chorus (Pump it up, pump it up, pump up the base)
Chorus (Hey girlfriend. Yo dudes, someone call 9-1-1)
Chorus (Woops there it is, Simon took the baby, Simon took it, Simon took it)
Chorus (Yo dudes, woops there it is)

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