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Wonderwall – Little Long Time lyrics

Little long time

At breakfast tea some toast and eggs
The T. V. 's on
I'm lying in bed
My feet are cold and my cheeks are red
I pet my real fat cat

Nobody knows my secret dreams
Nobody knows why I can sleep
But if you've ever felt before
Like I feel now you'll know much more

A little long time I watched T. V.
A little long time I drank my tea
A little long time I tapped my foot
But all the while I thought of you

The spinach tastes like raspberry jelly
Your snore sounds like the buzz of bees
The rain is like the children laughter
And every day is like a dream
Your eyes are like a silver river
Your hands are strong like a lion's paws
With your head in my lap I feel like a queen

Should a girl wait for better times
When the rain is tellin' tales
Should a girl search some other places
When the sun shines in her heart


I discovered you like columbus america
I sank my treasure in the sea
I feel like the highest leaf
Of the highest tree
I feel like
I feel like a rolling stone
That nobody can stop
But if you've ever felt before
Like I feel now you'll know much more


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