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Willie Dixon – I Got A Razor lyrics

Piano & bass

Who me?

Man, you know I ain't never
Lost no fight
I'm way too fast for that cat

Now look!
If me an a grizzly's havin' a fight
No! Don't you think the fight ain't fair
You talkin' 'bout helpin' me?
You better help that grizzly bear

I've got a razor, man
And I've got a *chib, this a cinch

Man, I can split a bolt a-lightnin'
Befo' the lightnin' could move an inch

Now, look!
If me an a wildcat
Is all in a clinch
You ain't got to worry
I've got him cinched

Man, I'll tie a couple knots
In his tail
Then I'll pull his teeth
An clip his nails

I've got a razor, man!
I got chib, this a cinch
I could split a bolt a-lightnin'
Before the lightnin' could move a inch

Now, look!
Man, I can toss up a apple
And then shoot out the co'
Yeah! I can peel it and then slice it
Befo' it hit the flo'

Man, you know I've got a razor
And can't nobody win over me
When I got a razor

Man, I always got a razor!

And I don't never miss


You know I got a razor.

*chib is club or knife
Shive is a knife. Willie pronounces it 'chib'.

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