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Whitney Bashor – In Short lyrics

My love affair with you is over
It's through
We loved and then we lost
And well it came at quite a cost
We both have the chance to grow
I've collected my thoughts
Once before I go
There's just one thing I want you to know
I want to punch you in the face
Rip out all your hair
I want to burn you alive
And if you survive-
I'll strap you to an electric chair
Or lean out a window a little too far
Don't look both ways and get hit by a car
Fall out of a roller coaster
Take a bath with a plugged in toaster
In short
I hope you die
Maybe it's wrong to wish death
On someone you had so much love for
But since we shared so much
It makes me want to kill you more
I hope you both are doing great
You couples always are
I hope this won't make you mad
I did something bad
I played a tiny joke that involves her car
I pulled out my knife and slashed every tire
Smashed in the windshield and set it on fire
Then, I left a little note which said
"Leave town or I'll cut your throat, bitch"
In short
I hope you fucking die
Ok, so maybe I've gone too far
Maybe I'm saying this out of spite
Maybe I think these things to go to
Sleep alone each night
But obviously still thinking of you
And wishing that we could just start over new
What if we both give it one more try
Sucks that we can't
Because you're a prick that deserves to die
Die die die die die die die die die die
Die die die die die die die die die die
Die die die
Get dysentery
Die die die die die die die
Die die die die die die die
Die die die die die die die
Fall when you're getting out of your shower
And there your tweezers are on the floor
Because you were always plucking your eyebrows
And always caring more about your eyebrows
Than you cared about me!
And so you fall out of the shower
And on onto your tweezers
Which stab you in between your eyes which aren't hazel
They're brown!
I hope you get beaten and slugged
Molested and mugged
Wake up to find yourself date raped and drugged
I hate you
I`m leaving
In short
I'm over you
So, die

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