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Whitechapel – Daemon [The Pro-Created] lyrics

As the light is extinguished
Grounds rumble with an endless rising fiend
With eternal suffering now infesting
A rising abyss shadows what was once alive
Hell has ascended to the earth by mortal hands
Daemon, hear my beckoning
Daemon, rise and devour thy cosmos
Daemon, I call thy name
Daemon, Daemon, Daemon
Bring forth your fury upon this wretched world
Make them exalt you and build your horde
Cast down all who oppose you
With his thousand eyes watching his eternal reign
He sounds the songs of the end to foretell his deed
This is my prophecy
And the populace will rise and fall
It won't be rectified
Rue the day that you hear his name
This is the end of all life
This is the end of the world

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Submitted bydrip


  • s
    He's calling upon God (or a God-like figure hence "Daemon") to destroy the World and bring forth his foretold armageddon. It seems like he also just wants God to make his presence known. This could indicate that at the time the author wrote this song, he (presuming a male) may have been encountering a crisis of belief. Not knowing what way to turn or who to turn to. Its still not clear as to if this song is a dirogatory expression of brute sarcasm or a genuine cry out for help from He above. I mean, its Whitechapel. Put two and two together. Anyway that's all I got. (Don't automatically assume everything I'm saying is true or even accurate. This is strictly my opinion).
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  • u
    God is the creator, not destroyer, with a purpose for eternal life without suffering. Mankind has to learn life without god brings destruction. It's like building a sky rise without the use of an architect, which is sure to tumble to the ground! The definition of daemon is evil, half mortal, half god, which does not fit the description of the creator who created mankind. Our eternal life and eternal happiness hinges on this period of separation from god, to show how life without him end in disaster. We are the destroyers and god will come to rescue those who believe, endure, and follow the manual designed to keep us alive. The lyrics of these songs are a ploy, to get you to pray to and with the daemon, summoning evil and hate to fall upon you without your direct knowledge. You are opening doors for hatred, and anything opposed to love is opposed to our creator! We are to leave the vengeance to our father to destroy all evil (daemons of rage) when the lesson has run its course. All of this suffering is not in vain, just like discipline for the youth is not to make them suffer but to save them from unnecessary suffering!
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