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Whitechapel – Vicer Exciser lyrics

My monument is progressing. Bereft is thy deed of completion
By all means you'll be alive
. But not intact. I've sewn your lips to smile.
With your own defecation on your lips I'll knock that shit-eating grin right off your face

Abnormally disfigured designs. You observe the genesis of my abattoir. Reality accepted.
You have no choice but to comply with my scalpel. And my license to kill.
Anal seepage flowing. I can't repress the urge.
Thy coprophagist shall ingurgiate the filth.
Grinding at your head with my bone saw breaking zygoma. I love these tools at my disposal. I'm alive.
She cried out helplessly again.
I ripped her limb from fucking limb. Just one less s*** to walk this fucking earth.
I will spit right in your fucking face.
How does it taste after the lips are sealed below your waist.
You will never fuck again.
My scalpel gleams. My attention cast aside.
Hardening arteries begging for an inimical thrust. Byproducts of digestion soak the floor.
I'm searching for a hypodermic syringe to draw the waste.
Flowing in your jugular.
The heart is pumping faster.
As I lie and wait to watch you erupt from every orifice.
The necrotizing fasciitis has commenced it's work.
No anesthesia applied.
This will be everlasting.
In the name of anatomy I shall dismember and attain what is rightfully mine.

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    As an in schema discretizing which for gut genitive unto ipseic existed as that inly figment semiotized with, "soul" aberrancy hath been established whereby wither contests the dissenter the vulgar analetheically-declinate conceptualization said afore as schema, presented here is an implicit articulation of a relatively strange conception of corporeity as perversely demonstrative of the non-unitarity's being that for just such is available the haecceity contrived for that ousia-less-ness as which exists the ipseity; attending for whole the course of this poietic construction is the variously presented proposition that the individual exists not as some indivisible unity but rather a fictive unitarity imposed over an assemblage of allopoietic factors constituting but that nihilistic collectivity to which hence the individual is diminished; this existential humility is all the more imbasing as it is administered by foreign agents. This piece is quite an alternautical venture into the unsettling domains of otherness as much as it rids of attendance the false ascriptions to the substantiality of selfhood of which reeks in derivative putrescences with which their vulgarity is as begat entities so fecund abstractly offals as remnants of an embasing ipseification existent.
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