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Whispers – I Wanna Know Your Name lyrics

'Cause I never believed
In love at first sight
But now I know
That it's alright

Girl, tell me your name
(I wanna know your name)
Please tell me your name
What's your name?
(I wanna know your name)

You look so good, you look so good
(I wanna know your name)
Girl, ain't never seen nothing like this in my life
(I wanna know your name)
You just look like something I could settle down with

Let me introduce myself, my name is Little Sonny
I drive a little red Volkswagen
I like to go horseback riding
I like all kind of sweets, cupcakes, currants and things like that

This is why I can't help from noticing you
Just a jazzy, jazzy ol' babe
Come on, can I have this dance
Something as groovy as this, we got to dance

Lord, have mercy
Am I holding you too tight'
Oh, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, excuse me
Ain't gonna get too close

When are you going to tell me your name'
Please tell me your name
I'm just going to have to grab you
And hold you a little closer
'Cause, I just got to, Lord, have mercy

(I wanna know your name)
Girl, tell me your name
(I wanna know your name)
Just hold me, just squeeze me

(I wanna know your name)
Girl, tell me your name, you sweet little thing, you
(I wanna know your name)
I could love you, I could love you, I could love you
All night long, all night long, all night long

Listen, what about giving your phone number
And I call you one Saturday afternoon
Perhaps we can go in town, have a little bite to eat
And then maybe, go and take a movie

And afterwards, I'll just drop you at the, at the doorstep
And give you little kiss
Oh, I just, there's so many things
That we could do if you just tell me your name
I am not even married, are you married'

Girl, you gotta tell me, tell me, tell me your name
Just wait a minute, don't leave out the door
Don't leave me, don't leave me
Just tell, just tell girl
Just wait a minute

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