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Werd (SOS) – Who We Are? lyrics

Check, savage sound….
I hate when I feel like this,
They said this is a gift,
Express yourself anyway that you want,
Put it on some tracks – Get your point across,
But look what I’ve lost (and I’ve lost),
So many friends, with things that I didn’t do,
I could have went for a better job,
A better love life, but because, I done hip-hop,
Nah, wait, that’s a stupid excuse,
Look, it’s not because I don’t love rap,
If I’m honest it crossed my heart,
Hope to die, till I found that,
Never fit in never fell so flat,
Couldn’t play guitar, drums tried that,
Then I found heavily a laugh and chat,
Was most that I liked, lyrics intertwined,
Put to drum rhythms beginning to feel inside,
Maybe my tongue on kick snares instead,
Would kick it to someone who’d stop stare just dead,
And that, is why I do rap, or writing or rhyming, It’s only that,
But, to me it was more, it’s all that I had,
This – stops me going crazy,
This booths padded like a cell,
Good thing cause I’m hitting the walls,
I’m hitting the walls cause I fft’ love you because…
(Just because) shout out Alexis, Shout out Carrie,
Savage Sound System, Werd SOS, that’s who we are.

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