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Werd N Deeko – Cold As Ice lyrics

Your as cold as ice
Your willing to sacrifice [repeat]

Spit hot as the Sahara
But cash I ain't got nada
No dressed in Prada
No champagne ad rather
Sip on Tennents lager
And look for fucking pagers
Carry daggers and swagger
And talk with loose grammar
Think your hard as nails then we hit you with a hammer
Got some nuts and screws loose I'm in need of a spanner
Yeah I'm tooled up the handy man
I be the candy man
No hook in hand but this be my hooking hand
Back to pagers we wear no balaclavas
When we jump you cunts for saying that you could have us
If I had a (click) I spray it like tagers
I'm board of the games dodging snakes and climbing ladders
To be behind cameras I need to make change
Change from what I spit fire like war planes
Drop bombs the same
I'm the candy man again
Must be covered in bees with this buzz about my name
Cold as ice

Your as cold as ice
Your willing to sacrifice [repeat]

You need to quit it
See I rip it when I spit it
Make you croak like 'ribbit'
When I grab your throat and rip it
Shit I need a stone with rip written in it
Cause of fucking death was too fucking sick with it
So applaud the best with Gillette sharp lyrics
Before I said lager now I'm back on the sprits
Driving the car over both fucking limits
No gimmicks it's my life I fucking live it
What are you a critic I'm cold as ice
Take the seat off and on your fucking bike
Rewind repeat I'm as cold as ice
There none not a nun ain't even as tight
Cold as ice

Your as cold as ice
Your willing to sacrifice [repeat]

Who the fucks this guy
Who the fuck is this guy
Cold as ice aye right

Man whose he-man he thinks that he's He-Man
Why did he say that on the track - Because we can
Cold as ice the snowman I know you love the flow man
Before this shit 'Kick off' get the program
Like match day I'm blowing up like Travis in taxi
I'm traveling that way nah nah you can't catch me
Where there your backing me or backs to me
I'm back the day back to dae
What I dae every day rip the mic in every way
Werd plays with word play
You could take a survey
They'd say that your gay am better on my worse day
Drink on a Saturday Friday if I'm Thursday
Mum watch what son dae get cream like Sundays

Your as cold as ice
Your willing to sacrifice [repeat]

Scotland Edinburgh
Cold as ice

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