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Wendell Thornhill – But That's The World That We Live In lyrics

One day we're going to die,
Every day we live for what and why?
Our end is coming soon,
And still we sin like it's in bloom...

There is no time left to pray,
I barely got mine in just the other day...
I hope the Afterlife's filled with bliss,
I can't cope with another world like this...

With crime on the rise,
The Government's still telling lies,
Where the innocent only dies... (yeah)

The old are getting older,
But can't even cry... on their family's shoulders,
Their pension plans are even colder, (yeah)

But That's The World That We Live In
But That's The World,

We got babies having babies,
Still got the men who like to beat the ladies,
Abused the drug, now drugs abuse,
Refuse the tug, they say "Why, you're going to lose?"

Diseases are killing, the young and the old,
Prophecies warned us, yes we were told,
To change our ways or things would change,
We better do what HE said, do you remember the rain?

I can't get a job, because of unemployment,
And still have to fear nuclear deployment
The government they love that enjoyment, (yeah)

We better bring the love and stop the hate...
Thinking of... that it's never too late,
I've got a voice and a question for you,

You've got a choice... so "Whatcha gonna to do?"

But That's The World That We Live In
But That's The World, (listen)

There's Global Warming,
There's Desert Storming,
There's innocent children porning,
Illegitimate "bornings,"
We better heed the warnings,
Or we won't live to see the morning...

Put down your crack,
To get your life back,
If you think you've got the knack,
Stop the carjacks,
It's not a ride that you lack,
It's the working-for-a-living you can't hack...

Is your life that bad,
Is it really so sad,
That you can't be your kid's dad,
He's going to grow up mad,
Because YOU he never had,
Now another problem to the world you add...

You better make a friend
In your GOD again,
So to the promise land, you HE will send...
For every day you sin,
For every law you bend
You grow closer to your end, (yeah)

But That's The World That We Live In
But That's The World That We Live In, (yeah)

But That's The World That We Live In
But That's The World That We Live In

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