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Ween – Transitions lyrics

Got aesthetic universal saturation in the grip of the morning sun.

The creosote that erodes all the odors that lie dormant when the day is done.

Hop the dingle on the ferry takes you back to the dimension that's just begun.

Riding the crest of the communion to a union, Harry Truman is the holy son.

And he says...

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    I think this is about nuclear war and how it has changed the world - . S few nautical references - ferry and riding the crest. It was in an oceanic area, japan, that the first nuclear weapon was dropped. Harry truman is the only world leader to use a nuclear weapon on another country, and since then, we have been living in a different world (a dimension that's just begun), one that could end at any time due to nukes, a nuclear explosion is made with a reaction much like the reaction that powers our sun, and a nuclear explosion resembles a sun (morning sun), in world war 2, months after germany, the country who "started it" had surrendered, the us was still fighting japan - the were the "odors that lie dormant," creosote is a cleaning agent - the nuclear bomb dropped on japan was the creosote that got rid of the "japanese threat"
    "aesthetic universal saturation"- although it is destructive, a nuclear explosion is quite beautiful, and an impressive human achievement.
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