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Weakerthans – Sun In An Empty Room lyrics

Now that the furniture's returning to its goodwill home
With dishes and last week's paper
Rumors and elections,
Crosswords, our unending wars
The black on our fingers smeared the ink on every door pulled shut
Now that the last month's rent is scheming with the damage deposit

Take this moment to decide (sun in an empty room)
If were meant it, if we tried (sun in an empty room)
Felt around for far too much (sun in an empty room)
Things that accidentally touch (sun in an empty room)

Hands that we nearly hold with pennies for the gst
The shoulders we lean our shoulders into on the subway, mutter an apology
The shins that we kick beneath the table, that reflexive cry
The faces we meet one awkward beat too long and terrified

Know the things we need to say (sun in an empty room)
We tell already anyways (sun in an empty room)
Parallelograms of light (sun in an empty room)
Rooms that we repainted white (sun in an empty room)

Sun in an empty room
Sun in an empty room
Sun in an empty room
Sun in an empty room
Sun in an empty room
Sun in an empty room
Sun in an empty room
Sun in an empty room

Take eight minutes and divide (sun in an empty room)
By ninety million lonely miles (sun in an empty room)

Watch the shadow cross the floor (sun in an empty room)
We don't live here anymore (sun in an empty room)

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    I am just preparing to leave the home I raised six beautiful children in. When I heard this song on cbc it said it all for me. The bitter sweet memories of raising a family, the good and the bad. In the end, I know that we will leave the sun in an empty room and that the good outweighed the bad. We are all left with lingering memories of our family home. This song will remind me of this.
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