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We The Kings – This Is Our Town lyrics

Dear Bradenton
You have been good to me
You've kept your word
And got me through these years

And all I ask
Is that you'll be there
When I return

From Anna's isle to
Lakewood's fields

This is our town
This is who we're meant to be
This is our town
Where our roots have grown so deep
This is our town
This is where we're meant to be
This is our town
We'll keep coming back because...

To share arms
In what we have learned
For so long these streets were my home

Dear Bradenton
As the city sleeps the night
You found us hiding out
Under parking garage lights
And you know
You know you'll find us here
When we return

This is our town
This is our town
This is our town
(What are we running for?)
This is our town
(What are we running for?)
This is our town
(This is our town)

Dear Bradenton
As I gently close my eyes
I hear you whisper softly
As we continue our goodbyes
And all I ask
Is that you'll be there
When I return...

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    Yup. This song is about their hometown(and where I grew up too) bradenton, fl. They want to come back anytime to just relax. I was at their concert last night and Travis said, "We love being back home. When we walk outside, we instantly start sweating." Haha, it's soo true. They talk about how they'll come back to Anna Maria Island and across to Lakewood Ranch. And they hope that the city and all its people will just treat them the same as before, even though they're famous now.
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    Well. I tink. They're referring to people who wana runaway from towns and homes? Y migrate? Since that's the place where they grew and started thier roots as well as built up lives. So many meaningful memories are left back ther. Plus, this is to the people who got famous. Its jes a msg sayin dat don forget where you came from. Be proud to be part of ur town. Cool song tho. Love it alot!
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