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We The Kings – Stone Walls lyrics

The stars fade, the earth shakes.
The poison's on your tongue.
The lost plans, the last dance.
Oh god what have you done?

I can see the fever spreading,
I can feel the faith is gone.
Even though it's all you've wanted.

Stone walls will fall.
Young hearts will break.
For so long, we're so strong.
We shine until we fade

But don't stop burning.

On gold streets, the dust sleeps.
For you the flames still dance.
The skies change, a new day,
Are these the same two hands.

I can see the fever breaking,
I can feel the faith come home.
Everything you've ever wanted.


We are all we are.
We are all we are.
We are all we are.
We are who we are.
(We are who we are)


(But don't stop burning.)
We are all we are.
(Don't stop burning.)
We are all we are.
(Don't stop burning.)
We are all we are.
(Don't stop burning.)
We are who we are.

But don't stop burning.

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    This song brings tears to my eyes. It's about living life, but living so much that it tires you out. Finally breaking down after living for what feels like forever. But even if you're tired, and want to give up, life, your life, still means something. You are loved, so don't give up. We can not change ourselves, no matter if others, or we, want to. "We are all we are." And that's it. None of us are Superman, so we should stop trying to be. Stop trying to get others to be. Even though we may get tired of expectations, never give up. So don't let that little spark, that little flame, stop burning. Ever.
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