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Walter Hawkins – Changed lyrics

A change, A change has come over me
(Choir)... He changed my life and now I'm free

He washed away all my sins and he made me whole
He washed me white as snow
He changed my life complete and now I sit, I sit at his feet
To do what must be done I'll work and work until he comes

(Choir).... A wonderful change has come over me
A wonderful change has come over me

Yes he changed (changed)
My life complete (changed)
And now I sit (changed)
I sit at my savior's feet (I'm so glad he changed me)
To do (changed)
What must be done (changed)
I'm gonna work and work
Until my savior comes (I'm so glad he changed me)
I'm not what I want to be
Oh I'm not what I use to be
I'm not the same way thank God
Thank God (I'm so glad he changed me)
He changed my walk, (Change)
He changed my talk, (Changed)
He changed my life he even changed (Changed)
Changed my soul, I've come along way, in Jesus, I've come along way, in Christ, I've come along way, Thank God Thank God

A wonderful change has come over me

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    Who ever would have though and x drug user with very low self esteem and many insecurities could change & be complete. I must say a wonderful change has come over me to where my walk is different, my talk is different and my soul is different on is on fire for what god has ahead for me and me to do. It's no going back! Thankful that the spirit of god dwells within me. This, this is how the change has come over me by his spirit. I serve and work for the kingdom of god until I too mount up to meet him for eternity. Thank you god for the one thing that's changed and that's everything about who I am, whose I am, and who I belong to. Grate is thy faithfulness for today I am not confused.
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    When I think about the goodness od god, and all he has done for me, the things that he allowed to come into my life, to bring me closer to him, all I can say is thank you lord, and for this I wanted to live for him. The song "change", take me back to the old me, and show's me the new me. For if anyone be in christ jesus, he is a new person, therefore I am "changed". Eva nix.
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