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Wally Boy Wonder – HardCore lyrics

First you meet a girl
In your mind you want to mash
Second date escape
Sippin cocktails passin' grass
Movies at the crib
On the couch grabbin' ass
Later in the bedroom
Daddy's angels talkin' trash
X Rated

Beware of the Rising Tide
Lunar month July
Beneath the crescent moon
We met early in June
She became confused
With a poets dialect
His native tongue for words
She swoons
Center of attraction
Sun directly above
It must be high noon
My scientific vocab
Mind ability to write
About her ladylike ways
Making seven stars shine bright
Observe Junior Knight's hand
My right
Stunning vertebrates
With a poet's might


(2nd Chorus)

Mic eclipse the sun
My stun gun shock poem
Second come
Sparked one that cancer stick
Menthol cigarette
Bust two nuts then jet
Misdemeanor mic check
Northern Lights got my head lit
If it's wet hit it correct
Superstar Shell Toes
Fuck hoes
Wally Sparks knows
What the God's keep on the
Down low
I'm gonna sell out shows
I'm a 19th century trilogy
I dissect biology
7th sign prodigy
I tear gas May Day

(2nd Chorus)

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