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Waking The Cadaver – Chased Through The Woods By A Rapist lyrics

Tonight this cunt will pay.
My dick will beat her face.
Her life and her cunt are mine.
This slut shall now see.

All night on this bitch I release my piece.
Yes. Yes. I am the man.
And I will kill when I can.
You can try to run.
But your done.
Gun to your head.
One more sound and your dead.
Kick in your teeth.
With my cunt piece.

Sweet labial meat.
Her inside out twat.
Tastes great to eat.
Dripping and slipping and oozing and flowing with spit.
This vile slit.
Will ghost ride my prick.

Blood pours from her tender throat.
I left her bound to a tree.
Nude. Mangled. Butchered and Blasted.
Now these skanks know not to fuck with me

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  • b
    A long time favorite. Definitely impressed with the lyrics and the song as a whole. It's hard to explain what I love so much about this song, but I can say that it rules and I can't see any other song taking over its place as #1 possibly ever. If a song were ever good enough to reign supreme over this banger, it would have to be WAY more brutal. When this comes on shuffle I have to struggle to resist the urge to get up and start windmilling! Also, using DIY techniques, I made my own custom shirt by hand featuring some of these lyrics. Will post pics if I can figure out how.
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  • s
    I personally think this song is a slam on the healthcare reform. It shows how the victim (Aka the 'cunt'), couldn't afford to go to the hospital because she wasn't insured, so therefore she was denied service. I strongly believe these lyrics' main purpose is to demonstrate why the healthcare reform is a bad thing, in the singer's own unique way. In more ways than one this is a very deep and eye-opening song.
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  • o
    These lyrics are very deep. The way he talks about the wheat is very vivid and gives a sense of protection. I think this transcribes to something personal to the singer and the use of shreddededed is rather to portray how important the "Wheat" is to him. I also wonder who figured out that these are the correct lyrics? Are they in the cd sleeve what? Seen a billion song where idiots just assume they are correct.
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  • b
    That s*t, is not singing. You motherfuckers need to hear a real vocalist. Dance Gavin Dance, Emarosa, Envy On The Coast, A Day To Remember, Anberlin, Bayside, Circa Survive, The Audition, 311, you know, bands where someone doesn't have to completely f*k up their throat and larnyx to do it? This kind of music pisses me off. Not the screaming. I don't mind screaming. But bands that suck balls and are talentless, make me angry. Like, they shouldn't be allowed to record songs. This band sucks. Big hairy balls. Plus, a song about rape and murder? Clearly a sadistic b*****d.
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