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Wakefield – Everywhere You Look lyrics

(Ahhh, ahhh, ahhh, ahhh)
Whatever happened to predictability -
The milk man, the paper boy, evening tv?
How did I get to living here?
Somebody tell me
This old world's confusing me -
With clouds as mean as you've ever seen
And a world that knows your tune.
Then a little voice inside you whispers,
'Please, don't sell your dreams so soon'!

Everywhere you look,
Everywhere you go
There's a heart
(There's a heart)
A hand to hold onto.
Everywhere you look,
Everywhere you go
There's a place,
Of Somebody who needs you
Everywhere you

When you're lost out there and you're all alone,
A light is waiting to carry you
Everywhere you look.
Everywhere you look.

Another version (used reportedly during the first season of Full House):

What ever happened to predictability
The milk man, the paper boy evening tv?
You miss your old familiar friends
Waiting just around the bend

Everywhere you look
There's a heart
(There's a heart)
A hand to hold onto
Everywhere you look
There is a place of somebody who needs you.

When your lost out there and your all alone
A light is waiting to carry you home
Everywhere you look.

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Corrected byjiggerita


  • u
    This part of the song is about when you are feeling lost and/or all alone, a light is waiting to show you the way to where you need to go. After Pam's death, the Tanner family felt lost as they lost an important member of the family. The light is referring to Joey, Jesse and the others in the case that they are showing the way for the family to move on from the death of Pam, but still keep her in their memories. The light of Joey, Jesse and the others showed that they are home.
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  • j
    Just wanted to say "How did I get delivered here" are the correct lyrics. This was confirmed by the Carly Rae Jepsen version, which is a more clearer. Just wanted to say that and right now I'm writing random things for a minimum of fifty words thank you very much.
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