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Vocaloid – Bad End Night lyrics

A little village girl has become lost, in the dark woods
With a fading letter in her hand, knocks on the mansion of the night

As she stepped into the darkened mansion, alerted
"Is anyone here?"
"Oh my, are you okay my dear?
"To our little mansion"
"I'll serve you some tea"

Once everyone gathers the guest will evaluated
"It mustve been fate for us to meet this way"
"Lets party, party!"
"We welcome you"
"hurry, hurry"
"Pour the wine"
"Be happy, merry!"
"Raise a toast"
"Are you ready?"
"Then, let us begin!"

Your the star of this crazy night
Dressed up fancy with this tasty wine
Once you've become a little drunk
Will you start to enjoy your time here?

Sing, dance, be happy
Forget all things good and bad
Until your drowned in madness
Enjoy this happy night!

After all things seem to quiet down
Something feel strange
Outside the window, morning is nowhere to be found

"We have"
"To tell you a secret"
"Turn to that clock"

The girl becoming scared, fled into a secret room
Opening the door there she sees
"Jesus, Jesus!"
A pile of caskets
"Oh no"
"You saw it"
"Danger, danger"
"No need to be afraid"
"Where are you going?"
"Yes where?"
"Wont you stay, please?"

You are still our actress of this crazy night
All according to the script
What is the ending? This is all your decision
Search, look for the happy ending
If you don't it'll be all over
Does this ending involve coffins?
In this Bad End Night

"Is there really, a way to go back home?"
"You might be able to return home, once this play ends"
"There was a key to the happy ending"
"Where has it gone?"
"I know it had a gold gleam"
"I have found it"

I am the star of this magic night
Killing this play, and the actors in it
After I was done with them, I was having so much fun
Run, escape, don't look back
Forget the play and all your lines
When your in total madness
Break in this Bad End Night

Your the star of this crazy night
The stage and actors are all gone
And with no story line
Together we'll leave; shall we?

Sing, dance, be happy
Forget all things good and bad
Until your drowned in madness
In this Bad End Night

With the room going silent, a shadow gave an applause
"A good show you put on this evening"
And weeping, it picked up the letter

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