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Virtuoso – Omnipotence lyrics

Yeh, Virtuoso, Snipe 4-20
We omnipotent yo
Intelligence is irrelevant to success
When disrespectful intellectuals get blasted in the chest
Depressed violent challenged constantly under arrest
Best be determined crime minds burnin' for a higher learnin'
My lips tremble as I remember cerebral violence of my livest
Sicilian sniper, the karma starin' in his iris
His slanted eye and higness was a warrior like Cirus
Through pokin' his sinus that made him mindless
Now blindness he's livin' in
He started pushin' in pussy that's lethal
A chick that's stickin' in infected needles
And she tryna boast, he had an overdose he's comatose
Bitch stuck a fist in his throat that made him choke
Almost to late but he lived to regurgitate the weight
I got a call at eight, A. M. Tellin' me to meet him
In front of the mansion where we standin' lightin' a cannon
In the Pele pel, he took a puff and told a tale
But I was weak in the knees, traded his gold medallion
Just to ride inside the saddle of cocaine the white stallion
Pull out the car keys, pop in a cd, and pulled a you-wee
We peelin' out to meet the rest of the crew
Out in a Montera sky blue fat body razzy ridin' shotty
Drinkin' knotty headed for a college party
We puffin' skunk gettin' drunk while the beats bump
Then peeped a cracked out bitch lampin' wid her eyes sunk
Up in the sockets, winkin' at the snitch shook her tits
Took a grip on his collar, and bit him like a rottweiler
Rolled up a hundred dollar, and then devoured white powder
Tension's holdin' tight up on his amaretto sour
He's shakin' like a coward over flour
He broke down, makin' the sniffin' coke

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