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Vicky Sunday – Danger In Love lyrics

I don’t wanna know what I’ve said, what I’ve done
Cuz’ I really didn’t care it before
I thought I’m never gonna lose control
I ain’t never gonna lose control
I’ve got a feelin’ that makes me so frustrated
No one gonna hear my voice
No one gonna hear my voice

I’m livin’ inside you

We’ve met in a bad time at a wrong place
And I’ve fallen in love with you
Could I be so weak?
Tell me how could I be so weak?
I’ve got a phone call that makes me sick and tired
You’ve sold me lies
I know you’ve sold me lies

I’m livin’ inside you

Danger in love
Say, can’t you feel?
For its light you’re goin’ blind
You’ll never know what it’s all about

Visions of love and hate make me wild
And I only can say I’m feelin’ down
Nobody will ever know
Ain’t nobody will ever know
I’ve got the reason that I don’t ever need to explain
I do what I need to do
Now I do what I need to do

I’ve gotta kill you

Psychological damage and pain that’s all I gained by you
Tragedy left behind
Tragedy left behind
Well I know our connection was just a leak and a promise
In a mental institute
In a mental institute

I’ve gotta kill you

Danger in love...

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