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Veruca Salt – Disconnected lyrics

Disconnected, it's the way that I wanted it to be
The Cult Electric is my favorite record of the week
Cause I'm not feeling sweet

But I can't say that when everyone is so judgmental
And I can't play back all the times when you were gentle
Cause even you can't be true

It's astounding what love can do to a city
Laurel Canyon was the best place for you and me to be
I chose the curtains and I dreamed a dream of domesticity
What a freak you made of me

Now I'm on Zoloft because you told me I was crazy
And I won't jump cause now I know you'd never catch me
And I can't leave you because you swore you'd never let me
But even you, talk shit too.

It's January when I jumped the fence of your backyard
Finish the fairy tale that you weren't drunk enough to start
It's kind of scary when your lover leaves you for a movie star
But I'm still in the dark

But you have trained to watch my back and drop my standards
And you have shamed me since the first time you were with her
And you can't make me love your band or buy your records
Cause you have tainted my respect for your adventures

And you will never have the chance to trace my features
And you will never make me feel like such a loser
And you can have the past 'cause I'm in love with the future

I'm in love with the future

And I have met a boy
Who makes you look so shallow (I'm in love with the future)
And there is so much time
And so much space to travel (I'm in love with the future)
And I will make the climb and I will kiss the gravel (I'm in love with the

(Touch the sky) (It's kinda scary)
And I will kiss the gravel (I'm in love with the future)

(Touch the sky) (It's kinda scary)
And I will kiss the gravel

I'll touch the sky
I'll touch the sky
Watch me.. Watch me
I'll touch the sky
I'll touch...

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