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Veggie Tales – The Song Of The Cebu lyrics

And now it's time for Silly Songs With Larry,
the part of the show where Larry comes out and sings a silly song.

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls
Larry the Cucumber presents, in a
Sequential image, stereo-phonic,
Multi-media event --- The Song Of The Cebu!

Cebu! This is a song about a boy,
A song about a little boy and his cebus,
a song about a little boy and his three cebus!
The little boy who had a sick cebu,
A sad cebu and a mute cebu - and also a hippo

Umm, umm, this is me at the airport,
This is my aunt Ruth,
This is me in a bull fight,
This is me fighting a bull ooooo,
This is me and the bull ahhhh
This is me and the bull and I think that's the bull's cousin,
He's a cebu.

Hold it! You call this a multi-media event?
This is a slide projector and, and a bed sheet!
And what on Earth is a cebu anyway?

It's kinda like a cow, see?

Yes, well very good,
This could be interesting, c
arry on

Cebu! Sing it with me!
Cebu (cebu)

Boy is riding with cebu (boy with riding
the cebu) into town in his canoe (into
town in his canoe)

Sick cebu is rowing and sneezing
achu moo moo achu moo moo
Achu moo moo ahcu moo moo
Achu moo moo
(achu moo moo achu moo moo
Achu moo moo ahcu moo moo
achu moo moo achoo moo moo moo moo)

Hippo chewing on bamboo (people
Chewing on bamboo) can't see boy and three cebu
(can't see boy and three cebu)

Sad cebu is rowing and crying
ba hoo moo moo ba hoo moo moo
ba hoo moo moo ba hoo moo moo moo moo
(ba hoo moo moo ba hoo moo moo
Ba hoo moo moo ba hoo moo moo
Ba hoo moo moo moo moo)

Cebu! (cebu!) cebu! (cebu!)
achu moo moo ba hoo moo moo ba hoo moo moo
ahcu moo moo achoo moo moo boo hoo moo moo cebu!

Hippo seen by mute cebu (hippo seen by mute cebu)
tries to tell the other two (tires to tell the other two)

Mute cebu is waving and grunting
Uhmmm, uhmmm,
Uhmmm, uhmmm, uhmmm
(uhmmm, uhmmm, uhmmm,
Uhmmm, uhmmm, uhmmm, uhmmm)


Wait! What happens next?
Does the hippo see them?
Is the poor mute cebu successful in communicating the eminent danger
to the other passengers?
Is the boy injurered?
Why is the sad cebu sad?
Is the canoe wood? Or aluminum?
This is quite dissapointing... I'm going to have to speak to Bob about this.

Oh look a cebu!
wait, that's a water buffalo
no more song about cebu
need another verse or two
audience is standing and leaving
bye bye moo moo bye bye moo
Bye bye moo moo moo moo

I want my money back

Yeah, that'd be good

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