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Utada Hikaru – For You lyrics

When I put my headphones on and hide amongst the crowds
I feel like I must've just disappeared.

That music that makes even the sound of my own footsteps fade away.
Until I forget you and our fighting I want to dance.

When I come back to a messy room,
I can see my own loneliness through your existence.

Though it would be better to become kinder for my sake and not someone else's,
I can't feel lonely all by myself, that's why
For you I want to give you the same loneliness so that you can become strong
So that someday it can reach you, that's why
I sing this song for you.

Even on mornings when I don't want to get up,
I get up to see your face.
On sleepless nights,
I sing to myself the song you gave me.

Don't get me wrong,
I don't intend to ever rely on you for anything at all.

If there's a song I can sing for only me and not anyone else,
I don't wanna remember that kind of song.
That's why for you if you misunderstand me, I feel this heartbreak
Eventhough I should be used to it, eventhough I should be milder.
That's why I sing this song for you

I want to make you cry
Let me hurt you, and let me heal you
When I want to fly you always give me a brighter sky.

You want to make me cry
You taught me joy by sorrow
When I want to shine you always give me a darker sky.

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