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Utada Hikaru – Final Distance (English Version) lyrics

I'm anxious but I can't say anything
I'm tired of swimming, even you've become silent

I want to see you, but an invisible wave pushes us
Again, just a little more distance

Try not to stop keep it going baby
If you don't feel the same then tell me
Even if your principle is to not try
It's alright to try a little

I wanna be with you now
Let's shorten the distance with the two of us
We can still make it on time
We can start over
We can't be as one

I wanna be with you
Someday even this distance
We'll be able to embrace
We can start sooner
After all I wanna be with you

You, who gets hurt with a single word
Taught me what loneliness is

When you can't protect me keep on trying baby
It's not as I promised but trust me
My principle is to not try but
I would do it for you

I wanna be with you now
Look at our distance with the two of us
We can still make it
We can start over
I want to tell you with words

I wanna be with you now
One day, even the distance
I'll be able to embrace
We should stay together
After all, I need to be with you

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    For me, the concept is no matter how fun the environment is. It will be lonely because you don't have the person you want to be with because he is so far from you. The world can make you smile. But deep inside the world can not make you happy because you do not have the ability to reach your loved one. All you wanted is that someone you loved that can make you happy.
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    I think it means two lovers who are far apart love each other very much. Would do anything to see one anohter, yet difficulties make it almost impossible for them to ever come face to face. They each done things that they did not like. Regrets, sacrifices, and etc. But she still begs him to be with her because she doesn't want to live without him. She feels she does not know how to survive without him. She's had trust issues. And is asking him to give her a try. Give their love a try, even if they are very far apart. Because love can still exist even if there is a substantuous distance between them.
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    This song was the first dance song at our wedding, so it has a special meaning for us. I'm Canadian, my wife is Japanese, and we are both, like Utada Hikaru, bilingual and bi-cultural.
    Moreover this song describes our relationship from the beginning. Shortly after meeting her for the first time I returned to Canada for month. That was over Christmas and New Years. (In Japan Christmas Eve is a time for couples.) Even though we were not dating at that time, I really missed her so I phoned her on Christmas Eve.

    When I returned to Japan we started dating. Like all couples we had our ups and downs, so this song really reflects our feelings. Even after 13 years of marriage this ballad brings tears to my eyes when I hear it and remember our first dance as a married couple. Come to think of it, that was probably our first dance ever.
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    This is a song rearranged by Utada in the memory of an unfortunate 6 year old schoolgirl Rena Yamashita, a big Hikki fan, died on the Osaka School Massacre. This song is a remorse and regret of a mother, calling her dead child back from heaven. This is really a heart-breaking song, but it is also an sign of acceptance a parent's acceptance to move on. As a whole, a very heartwarming tribute song. Hikki is simply amazing.
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