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Us, From Outside – I'm Not Locked In Here With You, You're Trapped In Here With Me lyrics

(With bated breath and bodies pouring from the sky,
The tattered wings of angels not equipped to fly will block the sun).

The black eyes of a stranger at my door,
They gaze through me as he gracefully assures that he has come in peace
And he will shortly be severing the arms of the traitors... The traitors.
Before long we'll be searching for the arms of the savior,
It's the wondering that makes this all so hard.
(There's not a fucking thing that we can do)

We're so alone, we need to change.
It's taken us so long, we had to find our way.
We're so alone, we breathe the same.
It's taken us so long we had to find our way.
(Someone put this fucking fire out)

So blindly, we're put use. A dark cloud is the illusion.
We are safe, we are safe... Choiceless and erased.
I wanna know what your intentions were.
I wanna see right through your bitter skin.

We're so alone, we need to change.
It's taken us so long, we had to find our way.
I am the one you heard about.
Of dreams and of tyrants we're falling out.
Falling out.

A light to guide us home, to change your life.
When fate arrives, I will know.

(This is the moment we pray for the souls missing, as I take the rage and go...
Too precious, let them go. I can't, I'm far too sorted.
I am now the new reaper, look forward to hell dear. Look forward to me)

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