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Urthboy – Come Around lyrics

Don't ever come around unannounced
Nor if you announce there's one too many run of outs
One too many counts far too many dumb it down
I came here to do my job, not to hear your run-around
I do okay believe me man I ain't come to pounce
I haven't come to scrounge I haven't come to cut you down
I don't want your gown, not trying to hunt your crown
No twenty-one gun salute flags or trumpet sounds
I'm just running now, and yeah it's summer now,
It's warmer in the water yet I sorta wonder how
How it's cold now, I see your thunderclouds
But you should keep it in a teacup and just shut your mouth
Simply cut it out your one number I'm rubbing out
Not number one or even 101 still you strut about
From middle to the mainstream and the underground
Your not in this struggle so don't you ever come around

Yeah I'm warm but it's volcano ash
Followed by scolding golden molten lava trapped
It's no, party track it's a, heart attack,
It's a master's tact with scars to match
It's a card saying don't come back I'm part of that
It's upside your neck til you start to scratch
But I'll stand my ground put on a harder hat
It's impossible to get here if you can't adapt
To the karma-strapped, the ignorant and out-spoken
Talkback radio always with their mouths open
Big money brokers dressed all sugar coated
All the way to presidents who never should've got voted,
In, treacherous seas we all sail hoping,
Tomorrow's calm but I can't cos your arms choking
This little neck of mine, but don't look for tears
Just simply don't attempt to ever come around here

There's a million other places underneath the stars
It's an extra large planet filled with people and cars
But I'll tell you this again if it's not quite clear
That I don't want you coming round here
There's a million places underneath the stars to see
It's an extra large planet filled with Adam and Eve
But I'll tell you this again if it's not clear
Get out of my sphere

I don't want your money nor your pre-emptive wars
Or your small talk hawks or your live cause
You can keep your Porsche mansions and tennis courts
Interact with power tripping like it's intercourse
Let me have my book, let there be a pen with ink and
Silence in a busy day to have a little time to think
Let a little peace prosper in the middle east
Without politicians boiling up the bitter heat
Drop a feast at famines feet do you follow me?/ There's so much more to life than fueling the economy
Give apologies acknowledge we're on stolen land/ Say the obvious it's conscience not the dollars man
I'm just a common man, I like the simple life/ Thankful for my luck is how I'm livin' right
I thought I made it clear, do you understand dear?/ Don't ever think of coming back around here!

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