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Underoath – In Division lyrics

I lay in a bed of resistance
Chained to either side.
I really wish I could reset rewind.
Someone has clawed out my eyes.
Can't identify.
I really wish I could reset rewind.
You know it's never the way we planned it.
I really wish we could reset rewind.

I'm planning a revolution inside my head!
I'm planning a revolution when I break free
I call for annihilation.
Describe the sunlight so I can feel it's burn.
If only I could get up from this bed

I don't know what they told you
But this place is not what you think.
Reset Rewind!

Living inside a hole they put me underground.
Where they can never find me 'less they dig me out.

I search for the answers 'cause this is the end.
I search for the answers!

God! It's caving in on me!
I feel them watching!
But no one seems to care anymore!
I'm digging, I'm digging my way out
'Cause when I breathe in there is no release!

I can't believe this, I can't believe this
My mind is starting to turn on me!

I've been living inside a hole they put me underground.
Where they could never find me 'less they dig me out.
I've been living inside a hole.
Where they could never find me 'less they dig me out.

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    What I've done, has covered me, is crushing me. I called this hole a home, I guess I'm a man, it's too late my life escaped me. My mind turned on me when I had nothing else. I wake up, it wasn't real. It all plays out before me in slow motion, I touched the face of the one I love in passing, everything stops, everything shatters. I can't grasp, anything. It's a closed casket funeral. And no one shows up.
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