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Tyrese – Alter Ego (Outro) lyrics

[Black-Ty is the rapper and Tyrese is the singer]

[Intro: Tyrese + Black-Ty]
Oooooh, ooh-hooo yeahhhh, ahem
Ay play that back one more time (okay here we go)
[knock on door] Ay who dat?
It's Black-Ty!
What's goin on man?
I gotta holla at you about somethin
Give me one second

Nah, you been ignorin me for years
I wanna talk to you right now about my rap career
But I'ma take you way back to when you first start rappin
'Member you was in the rap group Triple Went Pack

Mannn I don't wanna talk now I'm in the vocal booth
Tryin to get this song done like I'm supposed to do
I need you to get up outta here
I don't wanna talk to you about no rap career

See, that's the problem, we don't share the same vision
I've been tryin to think of what to say to make yo' ass listen
But nah, every time I bring up the subject
You comin back at me talkin R&B shit

Cause I know hip-hop, is a dangerous game
I love hip-hop, but I don't want that thing
All my concerts, got girls in the audience
I don't want nobody tryin to take my life and shit

Yeah right, you know you wanna get back on the mic
Cause every time you on stage singin you cuffin the mic
Tellin your fans to put they hands in the motherfuckin air
And wave 'em side to side like they just don't care

But the rap game to me seems shady
All them diss records will probably drive me crazy
All the ladies give me love when I go to club
I don't wanna have to keep my eyes out for no thugs

Aight, I admit it, the rap game's a little shady
But they ain't gon' ever dance in the club to songs like "Sweet Lady"
I see you pop bottles with top models and then you go to the floor
You dance to e'rybody's shit but yours

Mmm, nigga you startin to piss me off
Won't you climb back in your box, Black-Ty get lost
I can't believe you send that 'bout my song "Sweet Lady"
Please leave me alone, you about to drive me crazy

Man you trippin, it's way cheaper to make a rap album
Ten to fifteen thou', you payin 100 thou' per track
And you don't wanna rap nigga?
Put out two or three albums and go platinum nigga? Damn

Mmm, man I'm not listenin to you
I love R&B, this is what I do
R&B's the reason that I'm drivin that Bentley
House on the hill, bank account got plenty
So nigga don't talk to me, about R&B
when every rap nigga out tryin to sing

Yeah that's true, but I ain't gon' ever do that shit
I'ma call a R&B nigga to sing that shit
Matter of fact think about it, me and you can be on the same record
Me on the verses, and you can sing the hooks and shit
Man, I guarantee we'll win a Grammy with that
That's on me, we'll shake up the industry with that

Probably so, but no, I don't wanna do a song wit'chu
Cause I probably never ever get along wit'chu
Who do you think you are, talkin to me
Nigga get up outta here 'fore I call my security

Call 'em, I don't give a fuck, we from Watts, remember?
I walk right past the sign that said 'Do Not Enter'
Matter of fact you a singer, why you need security?
Ain't nobody even after you

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