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Turtles – You Baby lyrics

You Baby
The Turtles
(P. F. Sloan - Steve Barri)

Intro [drum beat followed by 12-string guitar]:

B D#m E B
V v v v v v v v v v

B D#m F# E B [N. C.]
V v v v v v v v

Verse 1:

B D#m
From the time I fall asleep
E F#
'Til the morning comes I dream about
B D#m E F#
You baby
B D#m
And I feel all right
E F#
'Cause I know tonight I'll be with
B D#m E B
You baby
D#m C#m
And who makes me feel like smiling
E F#
When the weary day is through


B E F# E B E F# E B
You baby, no-one but you, baby, nobody but you [2X]

[repeat intro]

Verse 2:

They say candy is sweet
But it just can't compete with
You baby
You've got everything I need
And nobody can please like
You do, baby
And who believes all my wildest dreams
And my craziest schemes will come true

[repeat chorus]

Bridge [rhythm guitar plays muted 1/8 notes: B5-B5-B6-B6 etc.]

A little ray of sunshine
A little bit of soul
Add just a touch of magic
C#m D#m E F#
You got the greatest thing since rock 'n' roll

[repeat chorus (2X); end cold]

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